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Teaness is a San Antonio, TX based tea company that specializes in quality loose leaf tea, using farm to cup and organic ingredients. Each of our teas are intentionally blended for their health benefits and balanced flavor.

Teaness sources organic teas from small, family owned tea farms. Herbs, flowers and fruit are locally sourced, hand peeled and dehydrated before blending. We use all natural methods to develop flavor, no chemicals are sprayed on any of our teas.

Kiddie Park
June 25th


We believe that tea drinking is an essential part of everyday life because of its multiple health benefits. The inspiration behind blending these teas comes from both a love for the tea plant (Camellia SInensis), and a passion for natural Native American herbal remedies. We truly believe; as stated in a favorite book of ours entitled "Native American Herbs", "Our bodies are made of the same elements, minerals, and living compounds that are found in the rest of the natural world, for every lack or imbalance, therefore, there are plants that can supply the missing factors." We hope you find balance and clarity with each sip of tea!