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Genmaicha Green Tea

Raw tea leaves are steamed, resulting in Green tea, which is then...

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Black tea

The plants are grown under abundant shade, and are cultivated...

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Lemon Black Tea

Lemon peels are hand peeled and dehydrated, then blended with...

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Oolong Chai

The plants are grown under abundant shade, and are cultivated...

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Rosella Coffee ( jones )

203 E Jones Ave, Suite 101

San Antonio, TX 78715

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Rosella at the Rand

114 E Houston St

San Antonio, TX 78705

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1011 AVENUE B,


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Dab Hemp Cafe

105 Warren San Antonio,

STexas, 78212

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About Teaness

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Teaness is a San Antonio, TX based tea company that specializes in quality loose leaf tea, using farm to cup and organic ingredients. Each of our teas are intentionally blended for their health benefits and balanced flavor.

Teaness sources organic teas from small, family owned tea farms. Herbs, flowers and fruit are locally sourced, hand peeled and dehydrated before blending. We use all natural methods to develop flavor, no chemicals are sprayed on any of our teas.

Kiddie Park
June 25th


Farm to Cup

To bring you the best quality in tea drinking, we use small family owned and operated tea farms as the base of our tea blends. We use farms from many different regions including: India, Japan, Taiwan, Africa, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Hawaii, and China.

A big issue in the tea industry today is that tea workers are extremely underpaid for the intense labor necessary to produce mass amounts of tea for big companies. This is not just a problem of ethics, but a problem of quality.

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Jun 5, 2019, Wednesday | 0 Comment

Health Benefits of Chai

One of my favorite teas to have either iced or hot, with milk or without, is Chai. Sweet and spicy for a good...

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I never imagined myself having a favorite amino acid, but hey, it happens. L-Theanine, an amino acid found in you...

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