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Health Benefits of Chai

Jun 5, 2019, Wednesday | 0 Comment

Health Benefits of Chai

One of my favorite teas to have either iced or hot, with milk or without, is Chai. Sweet and spicy for a good wake up to your senses, Chai tea is not only delicious but very beneficial to your health as well. What more could you want in a drink? Chai tea contains less than half of the amount of caffeine than in a single cup of coffee (although I do love myself a good cup of joe every once in a while), making it a much healthier alternative to coffee, while still giving a small caffeine kick.

Many of the spices in chai have been known to promote clarity and calm the nerves as well as a number of other benefits. Cinnamon in particular has been known to contain a high amount of antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory properties. Cardamom, another spice used to make Chai, has been known to control and slow the growth of cancer cells. Need more reason to drink chai? Worry no more, the benefits continue!

Ginger, another popular ingredient used in chai, also probably one of the healthiest spices to exist, brings to the table a numerous amount of health benefits. From its use as a treatment for nausea to the high amounts of anti inflammatory properties, makes ginger one of my favorite spices to use in tea, especially in Chai.

Needing some anti oxidants and antibacterial properties in your system? Star Anise has you covered, one of the other ingredients used in Chai, Star Anise has also been used to make medicines intended to treat the flu, so why not go straight to the source, am I right? Moving on, another ingredient we have is Clove, from its improvement of digestive problems to easing a throbbing toothache, Clove is another miracle worker. It’s also another spice that has been used to treat cancer. Need I go on?

Finally we have pepper, a basic, everyday use spice that can be easily overlooked as medicinal. Used to treat respiratory ailments, coughs, colds, balance out skin pigmentation, and more, this spice is an important recipe in making Chai.

In conclusion, Chai tea is a great tea to keep on the shelves and in your cup, typically it is made with black tea, however, I’ve seen it made with all kinds of tea, even Matcha! My favorite is blending Chai spices with a creamy Oolong tea.