Farm to Cup Tea

To bring you the best quality in tea drinking, we use small family owned and operated tea farms as the base of our tea blends. We use farms from many different regions including: India, Japan, Taiwan, Africa, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Hawaii, and China.

A big issue in the tea industry today is that tea workers are extremely underpaid for the intense labor necessary to produce mass amounts of tea for big companies. This is not just a problem of ethics, but a problem of quality. As the tea workers find no empowerment in tea, they have little care for the final product. The farms we use pride themselves in paying employees properly and empowering their lives by offering many resources for the workers and their families. In return, this results in quality tea growing methods and processing.

Tea leaves are blended with herbs, flowers, and fruit from local and organic farms, to bring you a pure, un-compromised, quality tea that is both delicious and beneficial. The tea's gentle journey from farm to cup allows the true character of the leaves to shine through!